About me

Opensource data dude, pentaho, linux, docker, mesos, lately with some Ruby magic.

“Anybody who tells me I can’t use a program because it’s not open source, go suck on rms. I’m not interested. 99% of that I run tends to be open source, but that’s my choice, dammit.”

-Linus Torvalds

As we live in the golden age of Opensource software we shall not only take, but also give back if we can. Kicked off the Pentaho NL meetup, try to blog talk tweet about usefull new stuff as I continue my quest through DataLand…

Currently employed by Data centric startup ReelMetrics, doing the DataDance, also build a Docker based, Mesos orchestrated, AWS supported infra to accelarate Pentaho based data products and Ruby on Rails frontends.