March 17, 2017

PentahoNL meetup March 2017 recap

Great vibe, interesting talks We had another great PentahoNL meetup last week. This session was hosted by Rob Smienk at the offices of @MRDM in Deventer. @MRDM is a company specialized in aggregating Medical data and registration data to gather better insights in Medical processes and treatment outcomes. Hospitals and University Medical Centers increasingly need to report and clarify on Costs and Quality of medical treatments. They gather data from connected Hospitals, aggregate and benchmark the results. Read more

December 10, 2016

Setup an easy reverse proxy to the biserver

Problem You have a biserver serving up information either directly or embedded into some website. You need to open up the biserver to the rest of the world but want to prevent access to certain endpoints. These endpoints might serve only internal consumers, or have security implications. We need to limit the attack service of a biserver! Traditionally one would spin up a new server, add an apache config to proxy forward some requests to the backend. Read more

November 19, 2016

Slack update from pdi

Data-transform your slack channels In my humble opinion Slack is a fantastic tool for keeping development teams aligned and informed. It has (irc supported) chat, voice calls, proper code snippet sharing but it really shines in its ability to integrate all that is important to a team. For example we integrate: updates on github, Pull requests, comments, … updates on tickets, new, open, closed tickets updates from ci, builds, tests, the occasional #FAIL updates from deploys instantiated from ci onto the mesos cluster updates on failing services and network components from nagios bash scripts synchronising in the background or via cron One thing was missing Updates from pesky long running etl-jobs, while being away from the vpn-ed carte status page. Read more

May 21, 2016

Running pentaho on mesos - part 1

Introduction I have been amazed by the ease of getting software through the software development cycle once you start doing it the Docker way. I picked it up soon after it came to light, and hammered it hard. At that point I got all developers aligned to use Docker as well. As we started using Docker more extensively, combining different Frontends services and Backends services through Docker compositions, running multiple hosts, intranet, things started to get a bit more complicated. Read more

May 11, 2016

Pentaho NL spring meetup

Last month we gathered for the second Pentaho NL meetup. @Incentro were sponsoring the location (their office at former Airport Ypenburg) as well as some excellent food and drinks, much appreciated guys! Again we had an impressive turn up, some new faces, some more familiar, a good mix for sharing and discussing life, the universe, and well, Pentaho stuff… Data Virtualization with PDI Community Edition Edwin Weber Edwin challenged the demo-gods, they got the better off him. Read more

May 3, 2016

Jekyll boooh, hugo yeah!

Not that long ago I migrated my blog to github pages using Jekyll. Jekyll is a static website generator. You write some intermediate markdown pages, cheat some markup and the generator will build the static website for you, rss feeds, navigation and the whole shebang included. BUT the sm-meister that wrote Jekyll went through some hard, breaking and annoying changes. Probably very sound changes, but I want something that works, takes little effort to maintain, yet slightly more appealing than Read more

April 26, 2016

Update: First pentaho nl meetup!

Tools Dashboards are Awesome! Julien Hofstede This presentation showed some techniques to make development of the dashboards easier like reusable components and global settings. And even to create your own component! Take the step beyond CDE and leverage the full power of CDF! No knowledge or experience with CDF? No worries! It will for sure help you to understand the concept of CDF better. Julien also demo-ed a lot, styling a set of components in an instant just by implementing a standard layout, and reusing that in several graphs extending that standard layout! Read more

January 30, 2016

First pentaho nl meetup!

Busy times, so with a slight delay a recap of our very first pentaho NL meetup. ReelMetrics supplied a nice venue for this first meetup, took care off much appreciated beers and pizza's. After these refreshments we had some nice talks covering a wide range of functionalities within the Pentaho ecosphere. Intro From a yearly gathering somewhere in Europe, why not do a dutch equivalent every couple of months?! As open-source is thriving, community initiatives become even more important, and more than enough people doing Pentaho stuff in The Netherlands, so we gave it a try! Read more

November 10, 2015

Pentaho NL Usergroup!

Last weekend the European Pentaho User meetup #pcm15 was held in London. Two days of hacking, technical talks and beer was the perfect recipe to make a great meeting. We had great talks, and I caught up with some Dutch colleagues and we concluded there should be some local NL followup to this community initiative! So here it is, a Pentaho NL Usergroup, and it would not be a meetup if there wasn't any tweettweet… Read more

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